These days I guess EVERYBODY famous gets a reality show sooner or later, even if you have to make it yourself! And that's just what new Hip Hop sensation Wiz Khalifa did with his self-produced reality show "Waken  Baken".

I saw Episode 3 which shows him and a few members of his entourage at various guessed it...SMOKIN" WEED (fake surprised gasp)! There are lots of moments of memory lapses, practical jokes and, yes, cannibus consumption.

Some have dared to suggest that this may be the next best thing since Real Housewives of Wherever, but that wouldn't be hard to do! Calm down, just jokin' (NOT!)

Anyway, due to the graphic nature of the video, I can't post it, but you can check it out HERE! And  if you can stand to sit through all 12+ minutes of it,  let me know what you think!