Have you ever said to yourself or a friend, “I’d love to get away for a while?” If you said no, you’re LYING! Everybody needs some R&R and time away from a stressful home or work environment, so why not take a free trip on us! KISS FM and Expressway are giving one lucky winner a Caribbean vacation and thousands of dollars in spending cash! We’re giving you FIVE beautiful destinations to choose from. But don’t worry, I’ll even tell you exactly where you want to go :) JAMAICA! JAMAICA! JAMAICA!

Did you know that Montego Bay is considered Jamaica’s most energetic city according to Trip Advisor? Montego Bay can be either a crazy party town for you wild animals, or a low key relaxation destination. Either one sounds good to me! Montego Bay has its fair share of drink concoctions for you to choose from. Enjoy your drinks in one of the many nightlife clubs Montego Bay can offer you, or reclining on the beach with your toes in the sand. I mean, you’ll be on a tropical island, the drinks HAVE to be good right?



Wondering how you possibly spend three nights on a tropical island while avoiding the beach? Easy! Montego Bay has SO many attractions and activities to choose from you’ll be wishing you had more time! Although they’re known for their many golf courses, horseback riding was ranked number one for things to do while in Montego Bay! Horseback riding, along with golf, tennis, shopping and sightseeing are just a few of the many attractions you’ll be able to enjoy if the water isn’t your thing. However if it is, Montego Bay can offer you plenty of beaches to enjoy, snorkeling, boat tours and many other water sports.

Jamaica in itself is known for its music, food and sports, but Montego Bay is also known for its history. If you enjoy sightseeing and learning about other cultures, you might just love to explore Montego Bay. Montego Bay can offer you tours on attractions such as the Greenwood Great House, Croydon on the Mountain, and the Luminous Lagoon among many, many others.



Winter is right around the corner, so what better weather to wake up to than pictured to the left? You could experience a view like this in person! I can't win this trip, but YOU can! I can only tell you so much without falling in love with this location myself, which I already think I did, but do your own research and believe me when I tell you Jamaica is somewhere you want to be able to say you've been! Not to mention, how jealous would your friends be if you got back with a nice Jamaican glow that was FREE!? Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this! What do you have to lose? Enter for a chance to win this getaway right NOW! Not only would you win a Caribbean vacation of YOUR choice, but also thousands of dollars in spending cash!




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