In an effort to promote the Kindle Fire HDX's "Mayday" feature which allows users to video chat with a Kindle representative should they have a question or issue with their device (take that iPad!), the company has launched a series of commercials featuring an actor who's face you may recognize, but aren't quite sure from where.

The customer who rings up the customer service rep is actor Jay Hayden, a relative newcomer in the acting world with a list of credits that dates back to 2007. He played "Kip" in the Anna Faris comedy, The House Bunny, and has appeared in a few made-for-TV-movies, as well as straight-to-video releases. His resume also lists one-time roles in How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds. In 2012, he had a regular gig starring in the Hulu-exclusive series Battleground. 

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)