Super Bowl Sunday is like a national holiday for most men, and even some ladies. However, I know not all members of the fairer sex have the day circled on their calender, and couldn't possibly care any less about the game or football in general. So I've turned the biggest event in sports into a meat market just for you!

Like it or not, the quarterback is the focal point of team. He's usually the best looking guy, athletic, and keeps himself in good shape. Let's take a look at the tale of the tape of the two men who will line up behind center on Sunday to try and lead their team to championship.

Joe Flacco

Age: 28

Height / Weight: 6'6" / 245 pounds

Hometown: Audubon, New Jersey

College: University of Delaware

Marital Status: Married in 2011 to wife Dana

Colin Kaepernick

Age: 25

Height / Weight: 6'4" / 230 pounds

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

College: University of Nevada

Marital Status: Currently dating model J. Marie

Cast your vote below for the guy you'd rather have put his hands under your butt. Wait, that doesn't sound right — no, on second thought, it does.