Yesterday, during a list of celebrities that refuse to work together, Rob referred to Bruce Willis as 'The Biggest Action Star of All Time.' Kat and Chandelle disagreed, because Willis has done so much more than just action films, and there are so many other stars who are such huge names in action films. So we we decided to ask our listeners to get their input. Who do you think is the biggest action star of all time? 

The Rob

I know I can sometimes be very opinionated and passionate about popular culture.  Often times I will also joke that my opinion is right and all other opinions are wrong.  But in this case, in all seriousness, I feel like there is a definitive right answer to who is the biggest action star of all-time.  The right answer is ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.  Any other answer is wrong.  I'm not even a particular fan of Arnold's or his movies, however he is the biggest star in the history of action films.  After him, it's anybody's game.  I give the silver medal to Rambo himself, SYLVESTER STALLONE.  I've never even seen a single "Rambo" movie, but I know he's got an action film resume that's tough to beat.  Third, I think we have to go with John McClain from the "Die Hard" movies, BRUCE WILLIS.


Kat Mykals

When it comes to action movies, one of the first names that comes to mind is Jean Claude Van Damme. Now, I will admit that I don't watch a lot of action movies, but he is one of those names that always seems to come up. Another actor who always stars in action movies is Steven Seagel. I would likely put them at the top of my list. After that I would say Sylvester Stallone to round out my top 3. I know Rob really thinks that Bruce Willis is in the top 3 but action movies are not the first thing that come to mind when I think of him. He has done so many other genres of movies - even Disney! Now, if you're talking MODERN action stars, you have to include Jason Statham!



I think Jason Statham is a huge action star that is much more relevant right now. Not to mention, that body with that accent, isn't too shabby to look at. He has been in tons of action movies recently. Movies like Killer Elite, The Expendables and Transporter. If I had to choose another huge action star that I love it would be Dwayne Johnson!