After a nearly three year hiatus, Sonic Drive-In brought back the hilarious duo earlier this year. But who are they?

They are T.J. Jagodowski (pictured above left) and Peter Grosz. Jagodowski is writer and actor who is also a member of Chicago's Second City Improv Group. Outside of the goofy, let's say "free thinking", passenger in the Sonic series, his credits include a small part in the Fox TV series, Prison Break, and a short lived series called Shrink. He's also appeared in movies such as Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farrell in 2006, and most recently, Oz: The Great and Powerful where he played the "Quadling Mayor".

Peter Grosz has appeared in several TV shows including The Colbert Report where he was also a writer. Other appearances includes small roles in Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and Key & Peele on Comedy Central.

Check out the guys in action

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