Okay, I’ve waited a while to state my opinion on this, 69 days to be exact –HA! That’s funny. Anyways I am prepared for the evil or even hateful comments to come, but here’s the bottom line folks, I have a voice and I have decided to use it, thank you to our Founding Fathers and the First Amendment. 

Like the rest of the modern world, I learned that the once upon a time talented, Whitney Houston had died while bored and scrolling through my Facebook feed. Actually I read ‘RIP Whitney’ and had to jump over to the Drudge Report to get the facts, yes I know that too, is debatable.

What a loss! What a shocking tragedy for the music industry! How ironic it was she had been in town to attend the music mogul Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala that very same night! How classic Hollywood – Whitney Houston Dies in bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel!

I’ll freely admit that for the first few days I rode the rollercoaster of curiosity like the rest of the country. I may have watched a minute or two of several ‘out of the blue/thrown together’ tributes airing all over cable and sadly, far too many “News Networks”. After all, this was WHITNEY HOUSTON everyone was talking about!!!! Sure, we weren’t pals, she never wrote me back, but by golly I did own ‘The Bodyguard’ CD - only because it was ‘da bomb’ way back in 1992 and to this high school sophomore her voice sounded indescribably wonderful as it blared through the earphones of my PORTABLE Sony Discman.

The more I thought about her passing, the more I found myself asking, "Why is everyone so shocked over the death of Whitney Houston?" It was NO secret that she had being dealing with a severe drug addiction for well over a decade. Where were all these suddenly saddened folks when Whitney was alive and trying to work through her demons? Oh, that’s right, we were sitting on our hands waiting for good old Barbra Walters to pry it out of her that she did IN FACT, use(d) drugs on some lame televised special or an interview by Oprah (don’t get me started) promoted as “The most anticipated music interview of the decade” BULLSOMETHING.

Whitney Huston is dead because of the choices she made. She chose to take pain pills after a night of partying. She chose to snort some lines of cocaine before slipping into a warm bath. She chose to drink alcohol to intensive the effects of her first two choices.

So here’s my ranting point. Why do we waste our own lives watching shows, Facebooking or tweeting or wasting our breath discussing someone who shined for one bright moment in time, leaving nothing behind for mankind other than sellable tabloid headlines? Where are all the PSA’s from all her famous friends telling the rest of the World that Crack is Whack? Better yet, where were they when she needed help?

In 69 days, a Whitney Huston branded weed has hit the streets, the official Remembering Whitney website is listed number 3 in Google, Glee just this week aired a tribute episode (just an FYI Glee’s target demo is OUR kids). What kinds of messages are all of these things sending? BUT WAIT, it’s not over. We now have been introduced to her daughter Bobbi-Kristina, who I’m not sure many of us knew existed before any of this, I know I did not. What trouble will she get into that can be exploited for the rest of us to feel important?

I say, who cares? Why not focus on making your own life better? Do what you can to make every minute of everyday to be the happiest you possibly can and do not feed into all of this pop culture crap, Kim Kardashian, my eyes are narrowing at you babe!

Whitney, I know it does not come across this way, but I will always love you when I think back to 1992. When you were on top of your game and possessed a talent that no one in the world could touch, and honestly today still cannot, well, maybe Adele.