Besides cooler temperatures, parents have another thing to look forward to in the fall:  its time for kids to go back to school. With little Timmy and Sally hopping on the bus back to school, you have to make sure they are prepared for all of their projects for the upcoming school year.  For a lot of parents, saving money is of the utmost concern when they are doing their back to school shopping. Check out our list for the top places to fill out your school supplies list in Evansville.

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    Michael's is one of those places that everyone (well, people I know at least) assumes is just for crafts. True, a huge portion of the store has many items for "crafty" people, Michael's does have a nice selection of supplies that your kids whenever they go back to school.
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    The Teacher's Aid


    The Teacher's Aid is one of those stores that is not quite on the beaten path but if you know where Eastland Mall is, The Teacher's Aid is not far of a drive. The Teacher's Aid, as you can tell by its name, features numerous items that teachers could use in the classroom however the store features a lot of the items that your kids will need whenever they head back to the classroom in the fall. 

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    Blick Art Materials


    If your child is a budding artist and brushes and oils are more their thing instead of pencils and crayons then Blick Art Materials is for you.
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    Office Depot


    With Office in the title, Office Depot does have a range of items for the modern office. However, pretty much every week you can stop by the store go get great deals on common items that will be useful for your child at school. To see what's on sale this week you can check out their weekly ad here.
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    Staples is another office superstore located in Evansville that happens have GREAT deals on items that your children will need. How do 1cent folders or free pens sound? These are some of the current (week of 7/25) deals that you get right now. Looking for deals later on before school starts? You can check out their weekly circular here.