If you've watched any television over the past month or so, you've seen the Miller Lite commercial featuring two friends (one sans shoes) racing each other on foot while their buddy's cheer them on. Each time I see it, all I can focus on is the infectious guitar and drum track in the background. With a little help from my friend, Google, I was able to find out what it is

It's called "Shark". That's the good news. The bad news is it was created specifically for this commercial by DJ / Producer Sam Spiegel, a.k.a. "Squeak E. Clean", so it's not available anywhere for download.

The commercial above isn't the only one Spiegel has created music for. He's made songs for commercials from Smirnoff Vodka, Google, Nike, and eBay. He's also created musical scores for video games including, Where the Wild Things Are and Skate 2. Check out his complete resumé on his official website.