I asked, you answered.

On Thursday, I shared with you Ben & Jerry's "City Churned" ice cream campaign where they are asking residents in some of America's biggest cities to suggest flavors unique to their town that the company will turn into new ice cream products.

Although Evansville isn't on that list of cities, which includes Washington D.C., New York, and Seattle among others, I "churned" up a few ideas of my own that could be turned into an ice cream that best represents our little corner of Indiana, then looked for your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

There were those that took the idea and ran with it:

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There were those who went the more traditional route:

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And of course, as there always is with these types of things, there were those who just couldn't help but focus on the less desirable aspects of our town (although I have to admit the last one did make me chuckle a bit):

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I actually think the pothole suggestion could be something. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream with frozen brown M&M's (to represent gravel), and crushed Oreo cookie to serve as the tinier rocks, or dirt. I would eat that.

Finally, our own Melissa Awesome chimed in with a suggestion that I couldn't believe I forgot to put on list:

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Grippos! How in the name of all things good and holy could I forget to put Grippos on my list? A staple of picnics and get-togethers, Evansville's favorite chip could be just weird enough to work. The mix of salty and sweet, with just a touch of heat that would be soothed by the ice cream could be the flavor we didn't know we wanted.

Feel free to leave any additional suggestions in the comments below.