Apparently there's a science to this things we call social media.  Find out what your profile picture is saying about you!

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I'll be honest, Facebook is one of those things that I take with a grain of salt.  I do love getting on there and seeing what my friends have been up to, but when it comes to sitting on Facebook for hours just scrolling, I'm not really into that.  I'll check it periodically throughout the day, sometimes I post something, sometimes I don't.

But that's neither here nor there! I recently found an article about what it is that your profile photo says about you.  I thought it was both interesting, and kind of rude haha they had nothing nice to say about anything.  So I figured I'd share my pain with you!

 1) The silly photo: Come on you know we all have had one of these at some point or another.  The photo of you making a face, or wearing a stupid hat.  The silly photo says that "you are shallow and don't have self respect and self-awareness."  Their words not mine.  I think they're over reaching just a little, but what do I know.

2) A Studio Model Portrait: You had your pictures done and you're proud of them, there's nothing wrong with putting that as your profile pic.  But what exactly is that model pic saying about you?  It's implying that you're dishonest and you aim to mislead.  It also implies that you're hiding behind a mask. That's harsh...

3) A Picture of Your Child:  You're a proud parent, there's nothing wrong with that! Show your kid off to all your friends! But when someone sees this as your profile picture, it's going to look like your totally obsessed with your kids, and it's probably not even worth contacting you.

4) A Picture From When you Were Traveling: You're on a beach with a cold drink in your hand, it's your  happy place and there isn't anything wrong with showing where your happy place is! However to other people it's saying that you lack self consciousness and that you try to "adorn yourself in emperors clothes" So far I'm batting 3/4 how about you?

5) A Family Portrait:  If you're lucky enough to have one of these I can't blame you for showing it off. You love your family and you're proud of them.  But to outsiders that as your profile pic is saying you're family oriented and probably not much fun.

6) The Up-Close And Personal:  Who hasn't snapped a headshot on their iPhone and set it as their profile picture? No joke I just did this yesterday.  But according to hubpages this shot says that You want people to see that you are unique and funny. But inevitably people will regard you as shallow and unable to crack a funny joke. Well I see now that I'm not unique, I'm not funny, and I'm shallow.  Thanks a lot guys.

7) Shot of you as a child: Pull out those hilarious old photos, sometimes you want to share them make them your profile picture.  Well that's actually saying that you were cute back then, but now you're ugly and boring.  Awesome, glad to know that now.

8) The Party Picture: You and some friends went out, you looked good so a picture was taken and it's like profile picture heaven! However this is actually saying that you're young and love to party, and are immature.

So as you can see there are many different profile pictures to choose from. According to these standards I'm batting 7/8 meaning I'm shallow, ugly, immature, unable to crack jokes, and I don't like to meet new people.  Personally I don't ever read that far into profile pictures, but hey some do!

Just so you know no matter what that website says, I think your profile picture is beautiful.