On The Rob's Radio Show featuring Kat Mykals (and Chandelle) we were talking about the new study conducted by cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden. According to the study, women's desire to be young and beautiful outweighs many things that we consider to be lifelines in today's society (as we learned at a very young at in the classic Disney movie, Snow White). Having two very youthful ladies in our studio and one 30-year-old male, we got some different perspective on the topic.

Chandelle was pretty outspoken stating that she'd 'sell her soul' for a dip in the fountain of youth but then went with the majority of women who say they'd give up social media. Kat wasn't sure which one of the below she'd do, if any. Rob, however, is unaffected by the aging process. He's happier than he's ever been and couldn't part with any of the below. Surprised? Looks like the tri-state would be more than happy to give up social media and maybe even sex (since they aren't getting any).

What Would You Do to Stay Youthful

  • Giving up social media for a year (33%)
  • Getting a cosmetic procedure (24%)
  • Letting their roots grow out (22%)
  • Giving up sex for a year (21%)
  • Giving up their mobile phone for a year (19%)
  • Working 7 days a week (17%)


  • Jessie Marie Neikirk Social media. I'm sure as hell not giving up sex. It's just about the only thing I do to burn calories. Lol
  • Cordelia LeeCell phone! Whoever says sex wasn't obviously getting any to begin with!

  • Briana Carter I like Andy's Point of view on this. It is sad, and totally agree, however I love making love to my Man, and when its random I feel so good afterwards it like being young all over again!
  • Yesenia Cuevas I would totaly give up sex for a year. I am however going to take a page from Clinton, and ask the definition of sex LMAO
  • Roger Knight to stop ageing all of it
  • Yesenia Cuevas I'm sticking with my answer. I think there is room for interpretation. The other two are pretty cut and dry.
  • Andy Akins It's pretty sad that people would choose social media over sex. Really? Facebook is that rewarding to you? It's not even the fact that it's sex; it could be anything like food, water etc. Basic need vs time waster.