The other day The Rob's Radio Show talked about some of the worst ways to be dumped. As we started really getting into it, we realized we have all either been dumped or dumped someone in a really terrible way.


The Rob

When I was living in Montana about eight years ago I had been seeing a girl and things wound up going sour. She had done some awful things to me towards the end of our relationship and the thought of her made me sick. I was working in radio out there, doing my night show. I was in kind of a dark place, and the radio studio has always been my happy place. This break up was so fresh and vile and it was all I could think about. I had concert tickets or some sort of prize to give away that night. I came up with a bit that I feel very certain has never been done in radio before… Or since. While she and I never considered each other boyfriend and girlfriend, I called the game “The Rob’s Psycho Ex-Girlfriend.” The game worked like this: I told the story on the air, giving a little information on the girl and some details regarding the break-up. I then took three random callers. I called the girl’s phone number (knowing she wouldn’t answer since it was an unknown number), and when the voicemail would pick up, I would have one of the contestants leave the girl a nasty voicemail about how horrible she is. Then I did the same thing for the other two callers! The only rule was that they couldn’t curse and they couldn’t use my name. The winner would be whoever I determined left her the nastiest voicemail… On the air! I was pretty proud of myself. And I’m sure many people reading this or listening that night in 2006 probably thought the bit was fake, or the phone number or the premise… I know I would have thought that. But, nope. It was 100% legit. I was an angry, bitter young man. Radio is my therapy.


I have probably dumped someone in a really terrible way before, but nothing compares to the way I was dumped a few years back. I had been dating this guy for about three years, and I was already pretty aware that he was kind of a shady character. I had to travel home to South Carolina over Thanksgiving vacation to have surgery. He knew that I was absolutely terrified, so the morning that I went in, he reassured me that everything would be okay, and to call him when I got out to let him know how it went. So I did, but he never answered. I was thinking that maybe he was just busy or something. So I tried again a few hours late. Still nothing. When I logged onto Facebook, It looked like he had deleted his account. Turns out, he actually started dating another girl - while I was in surgery. Instead of telling me, he thought he would just drop off the face of the earth. I don't even think it was two weeks later and he was on my doorstep trying to get back together.