This morning, on The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals, we talked about Cosmo's list of 31 things that instantly make men hot. Some of them were pretty obvious (like not obviously noticing women around us) and some of them made us stop and go, "hmmmm, yeah" (like being awesome to kids).

Here's what Rob and Kat had to add, along with our listeners.


Personally, I think it's instantly sexy when a guy puts his shirt ON in a public setting. I think if it's not OK for us girls to expose our nipples, then it's not OK for guys to unless they're swimming or something. This also applies to social media. It's totally weird if your default picture is you with your shirt off AND/OR in a bathroom mirror... Get some friends there, guy.


I think a guy becomes more attractive if he is kind to strangers. A man who can say "excuse me" if he is in the way, or waits to hold the door for someone earns extra points. If he is friendly and polite to a cashier, rather than hurried and rude, it adds points. If he is consistently kind to someone he does not know, he will be kind to you too, ladies!

Listeners via Facebook

Brittany Miskell Being a good daddy to his children. Nothing is more attractive than a man who who demonstrates responsibility, accountability, and affection to his family

Jessica Kelley Has to smell good and have a sense of humor. Oh and be naked can't forget naked.

Randi Wink Wear a hat backwards.

Heather Gregory Wash the dishes.

Delanie Lawrence Have a job!!

Gail Dickason Not talk

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