My mind is constantly filled with random thoughts and questions, often times with no rhyme or reason. Case in point, the question above popped in my brain while standing in my kitchen Sunday evening looking for something to eat.

I'm still not sure how it happened. Perhaps there was some trail of association that led to it; an obscure connection of dots based on something I had seen or read a few minutes before. Or perhaps it was simply a thought that had been locked away in somewhere deep in my subconscious that bubbled it was to the top. Regardless of how it happened, the point is it did happen, and I wanted to find an answer.

Kilborn started his career as a SportsCenter anchor on ESPN sometimes alongside Dan Patrick, other times next to Keith Olbermann. Collectively, they changed the perception of the sports anchor. No longer were they just guys who showed highlights and read scores. They brought life to those highlights and scores, interjecting humor into each with catchphrases, and witty banter. They were normal guys with cool jobs.

The gig made all three men household names, opening the door for Kilborn to host his very own show on Comedy Central, The Daily Show. A much different version than what we have today with Jon Stewart at the helm. Kilborn's version was a satirical take on the classic nightly news casts, poking more fun at the layout of a typical news cast instead of the topics of the day.

After a three year run, Kilborn was lured from basic cable to a major television network when CBS hired him to take over The Late, Late Show. A job he held for five years before deciding to call it quits. Since then, he's essentially vanished from the public spotlight. So where did he go?

That's a question that's a bit more difficult to answer than I thought it would be when I started my search. His profile shows his most recent activity as an acting role in some movie called Action Hero in 2012. Before that, he starred on a short-lived show called The Kilborn File that only ran on a handful of Fox affiliates across the country, and there was apparently talk of a starring role in a 2011 ABC sitcom that never came to fruition.

Rumors floated around in December of 2012 that Kilborn was in talks with CNN to return to his roots so to speak and host a satirical news program for the network as part of their revamping after former NBC CEO, Jeff Zucker took over the network as president. However it seems nothing has come from those talks as of yet.

So where is Craig Kilborn these days? Laying low apparently. Perhaps biding his time, waiting for the right opportunity to return to our television screens, or maybe enjoying the fact that we're spending our time trying to figure out where he went.