Looks like Psy is becoming the Carly Rae Jepsen of the fall.

Over the summer, the internet was flooded with countless "Call Me Maybe" covers, lip-dubs, and parodies. But that seems so August, doesn't it? Now world-wide phenom, Psy picks up where Jepsen left over with his own following of people who just can't get enough of his smash-hit song and are looking for their 15 minutes of internet fame, including cadets at West Point.

It's nice to see the young men and women who have made the decision to join the military let loose and have some fun in what I imagine is a pretty stuffy atmosphere at the nation's most recognizable military academy. And I must admit, they do a pretty good job with the "Gangnam" dance. They even found a cadet that looks a lot like the South Koren pop star to take the lead throughout the video.