Today's hot topic was Miley Cyrus' performance with Robin Thicke. We are all in agreement that the performance was disgusting - not attractive in the least. Rob called it "desperate," Chandelle called it "raunchy" and Kat called it "skanky." Our Facebook and Twitter feeds were blowing up with negative comments last about Miley's bear fiasco, but we decided to get the tri-state's opinion.

Here's our favorite from Facebook:

  • Lisa Rae Hayhurst said, "Disgusting! She is a train wreck ready to derail!"
  • April End Blumer put into words exactly what our editor Ashley was thinking with, "What is she doing to Beetle juice?!"
  • Monica Cole was speechless. "No words...just SMH!"
  • Tommy Hale felt sorry for her parents. "I bet her dad has a 'Achy Brakey Heart'." And Grace Workman Piper said, "Robin was embarrassed. Bet her dad Billy Ray was totally ashamed of her actions sure was not anything to be remembered. Totally gross."
  • Jessie Marie Neikirk is glad they aren't related. "Absolutely! If I was her family or Liam, I would be ashamed of her. She's become so trashy. Yeah, "she's not a kid anymore" or whatever but she's still acting shamefully."
  • Janessa Olson summed it up perfectly... "Glad I went to bed lol"

And from our Twitter page: