To my knowledge, this is not a real film. My question is, "Why not?"

The early '90's saw Seattle, Washington become the music capital of the world, it made Julia Roberts an A-List Hollywood actress after she portrayed a hooker-with-brains in Pretty Woman, and it gave us the first real push toward the importance of "going green" with the animated series, Captain Planet.

The cartoon debuted in 1990 and featured five young adults from different areas of the world coming together to essentially fight all forms of pollution. Each "Planeteer" was endowed with the ability to control one of the four elements, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, the fifth was given the power of "Heart" (I guess they drew the short straw).

Together they fought against corporations and individuals who were more interested in the almighty green dollar than the almighty green planet, and would do whatever they could to make a buck, the consequences on the environment be damned.

In the event the Planeteers found themselves up against a challenge too great, they joined their powers together and summoned the one hero who could stop the enviro-bad-guy, Captain Planet. Basically, it was a half-hour commercial for why we should respect the planet and what we, as kids (at the time), could do to make sure Earth was a nice place to live for years to come.

Why this has never become a movie, I have no idea. The cartoon was pretty campy and subtly preachy so maybe writers have had a hard time coming up with a concept that appeals to a mass audience with out looking like a poster for tree-hugging hippies.

It looks like for the time being, we'll have to settle for this three minute trailer and dream of what could be. Set in the modern day, the plot revolves around the now older Planeteers, who are brought together once again to (one reluctantly) to take on a new enemy to Mother Earth.