How I won an urn full of candy and money!

Yesterday I got together with some of my fellow TownSquare Media employees and watched the WWE wrestling Pay-Per-View, The Royal Rumble!  Without getting too geeky on you, basically one of 30 competitors has a chance to win the night's big match.


There were seven of us who all went in on a pool.  Everyone ponied up some cash and put it into the ceremonial urn, which had already been fully loaded with StarBurst candy.  There was a lot at stake...  The cash, the candy, and the trophy urn.  All that was left was for one of my numbers to win this Royal Rumble!


My highest number was 19.  None of my previous three numbers were anything to get excited about...  I NEEDED #19 to be a potential winner!  So I was VERY happy to see that the 19th entrant into last night's Rumble was none other than John Cena!


John Cena made it to the final moments of the match, with opponent Ryback whom was represting my friend Adam.  Our engineer Ben filmed my reaction to the final moments of the match and my reaction when I won the pool!  Take a look for yourself!