Magician Matt Grisham will be a part of our first annual Kids Day Fun Fest with Alles Brother's Furniture on Sunday, February 19th. Earlier this week he stopped by our offices to show us a few of the tricks he has up his sleeve including one card trick that left me questioning my sanity.

The video below is completely unedited. It is one continuous shot from the start of the trick to the end. There are some parts where the sound is a bit difficult to pick up so let me give you a quick back story to what you're about to see.

The video takes place in our conference room. As you'll see, I'm standing in the doorway when Matt asks for my name. He proceeds to tell me that he had a dream about me last night and in his dream, I was messing around with a deck of cards. It's a loose premise, but follow me here. He follows that up by asking me to picture a deck of cards in my head and from that deck select one card. During this entire process he's looking straight at me with no deck of cards in his hands.

Once I've selected my imaginary card, he asks me to imagine flipping the card over, inserting it into the imaginary deck, and shuffling said deck. You've probably figured out what happens by now, but it's still something you've got to see.

I still don't know how he did it. Maybe there's some research that says 9 out of 10 people pick the Jack of Hearts. There's obviously some sort of slight of hand to it, but what if I had said 5 of clubs, would the result have been the same? Color my mind blown.