It was such an honor to be selected by local Esthetician and Make-up Artist, Kana Brown for her very first #MakeoverMonday. Check out the amazing transformation that Kana & her team made with me!


I have worked with Kana Brown a couple of times on some photo projects, and have met her a few other times at social events. Every time I see her, she is always so well put together and fashionable. A few weeks ago, I had been out shopping for "something to wear," and I became frustrated with my style rut. I always end up going back to the same things - jeans & t-shirts and when it's time to wear something else, I never have anything. Not only that but I never know what to get so I do have something! Later in the evening, I reached out to Kana to pay her a compliment on her style. I wanted to let her know that the effort that she puts in to look nice doesn't go unnoticed, and that I envied her polish & grace. The next thing I know, Kana is scheduling an jeans & t-shirt intervention! She put together an expert team and suddenly, it was #MakeoverMonday!


We started at Ciseaux Salon, owned by stylist Hanna Williams where I received a fabulous color & cut to start off my #MakeoverMonday. Once Hannah was finished up with my hair, Kana stepped in to teach me step-by-step how to skillfully & efficiently apply my make-up so that I not only look great, but also don't have to spend a lot of time doing it since I get up super early in the morning for work.


Once we completed hair & make-up, we headed over to Single Thread Boutique where the owner Sara Kamman helped me find my perfect #MondayMakeover outfit! The entire experience was documented in photographs by the lovely Alisha Sims, and all the magic was captured in video thanks to Nick Alumbaugh!


I had such an amazing experience! I now know how to better dress my frame to be most flattering without just wearing jeans & t-shirts. I can do my make-up quickly and still look fabulous, and my hair has never looked better!  Check it all out:


Kana is offering up a monthly #MondayMakeover to one lucky woman. You can submit an entry at her website