With less than one second left on the clock (seven-tenths to be exact), and his team down by two, Shane Merryman makes the dream of winning the game for his team as the buzzer sounds a reality with a one-in-forever, three-quarters of the court heave.

Anyone who has ever played the game of basketball, be it the organized team version through their school, or local gym, or a pick up game in the backyard plays this exact scenario out in their head. The team is down, the clock is against you, and everything rides on your shoulders. Will you come through in the clutch? Will you be the hero that saves the day? I did it when I played in grade school. Heck, I do it now when I'm shooting around on the back porch, or when I'm at the YMCA with my family.

I see my 9-year-old son and his team do it. Stepping back farther and farther to find their range so if the time ever comes where they're called upon to take that last second shot, they feel confident in their abilities to be the hero when their team needs them.

For this one moment in time, Merryman was that guy. The hero for his team from the small university roughly 35 minutes southwest of Fort Wayne. I promise it will be a moment he'll never forget.