Everything is bigger in Texas, even the reaction high school football rivalries.

We certainly have our own intense rivalries here in the Evansville-area. Being a Mater Dei grad, any victory over Reitz, regardless of sport, always seemed a little sweeter than the others. However, when the game was done the most that was ever done to opposing fans was maybe a little trash talking. To my knowledge, there was never anything like this. Not that I was involved with anyway.

After a close game between O’Connor High School and Brandeis High School in San Antonio, which saw Brandeis win 12-10 in the final minutes, students and fans from both schools found themselves face-to-face at the local chain restaurant, Whataburger. What started out as youthful chants and playful taunting, quickly escalated into a full blown food fight, reminiscent of the famous scene from Animal Houseafter a fan from one team chucks what appears to be a full soda across the room at fans of the opposing team

Here's a short version of how things got started, which is pretty decent quality, followed by a longer version of not so great quality, then finally ABC News coverage of the event.