Tonight was the Golden Globes, and one of my personal favorites took home an award! Adele won the award for "Best Original Song" for her song 'Skyfall'.  Her speech will definitely put a smile on your face.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

If you think Adele is just a singer of heartbreaking songs, you clearly haven't seen any interviews with her! While she is known for her usually very elegant/old school black dresses and her classic vocals, if you have ever seen interviews with her you will know she may sing sad songs, but a sad person is something she definitely is not. In some interviews I've watched her on she has had me cracking up! She's loud, curses like a sailor, and is hilarious. This is part of the reason I really can't say anything bad about Adele, I just love her!

You can tell she is shocked while delivering this speech, and her reaction is priceless.