The Rob and Maddie did their montly visit to the Warrick Human Society this morning and fell in love with every animal they got to meet.

First up, there's Daisy. Daisy is the sweetest girl and the perfect medium-sized dog for any home. She's great with other dogs! In fact, she has a sister who we meet a little later on. She's about a year old and up-to-date on all her shots and vaccines.

This is a double-take! She looks just like Daisy, but this is in fact her sister, Princess. Just like Daisy, Princess is sweet and loving. She has a little bit more energy than her sister, so she'd be perfect with kids.

Lastly, there's Cleo. Cleo is a 1-year-old cat that has been at the Warrick Humane Society the longest. She recently had a litter of kittens and luckily they've all been adopted. Now she's looking for her own home!

All these furry friends and more are looking for a place to call home at the Warrick Humane Society. All animals are up-to-date on all medications and prevention and spayed/neutered. Each of them need a loving home and a big heart to accept them as their own. Visit the Warrick Humane Society today and add a new addition to your family.