In what could be considered "less than shocking news" considering his recent behavior, Warner Brothers, the production company for Two & Half Men has officially fired Charlie Sheen from the show.

According to an article on the USA Today website, the studio released a brief statement saying in part that Sheen's services on the show have been "terminated immediately."

Now the question for Warner Brothers and CBS to answer is whether or not they replace Sheen with another actor and start preparing for a 9th season or whether this spells the end of the show altogether. One name that has been tossed around is John Stamos known best for his work on Full House, E.R., & most recently a guest stint on the hit show Glee.

For more on this story, you can see the entire USA Today article here. And give us your comments below on whether you think Sheen should be replaced or if Two & a Half Men should just ride off into the syndication sunset.