Carey M. Meredith
Carey'd Away Weddings

When planning a wedding, we all feel such emotion from absolute certainty to extreme pressure to have the traditional event. I am a strong believer in traditions, especially when it comes to family. I also kept a family tradition for my father when I married. His only request was for me to get married in my grandmother's church. I don't regret that decision, but I truly wanted to get married outdoors at my aunt and uncle's home in the country. They had a beautiful little lake, and I had dreamed of always getting married along side that lake. But I never told anyone, since Dad had made it known of his wishes.

I think that weddings have become more a signature of the bride and groom's personalities. More things are acceptable these days. From a quaint backyard wedding, destination weddings & even quirky and unique locations; like skydiving or underwater! Incorporating your love of something you and your fiance' share, what better way to make you memorable day even more memorable.

Most Bride's & Groom's already have some idea of what they want to make their wedding have more of their own styles and personalities, but if you do not, then here are a few suggestions to put your own signature on your DAY!

First ask one another these questions:

  • What do we both love (besides one another) that we can incorporate into our wedding?
  • What time of the year is your favorite time? Favorite food, both can even share your favorite sporting event or holiday.

Take your 'special' thing, hobby, past time, etc. and again, let your imagination go wild.

I know this has been done a lot, but one of my cousins, she had her dog as the ring bearer, I thought that was an awesome idea. One bride and her fiance' were huge Harley Davidson enthusiasts. They also belonged to a bike riding club. So they incorporated their love of Harley everywhere. From the color choices, which was Black and Harley orange, to their attire. They both wore Harley riding attire. The wedding was outdoors, so the bride walked down the 'aisle' created by a row of Harleys on either side. All the decor, flowers etc were in black and orange, little Harleys on the tables, along with small framed pictures of bride and groom on their bike. Orange rose bouquets & boutonnieres, also with touches of cream and black ribbons. It actually was a very creative and quiet frankly a cool wedding. Oh and of course the bride and groom rode off on their Harley to reception area.

I always have suggested to my bride's that focus your fun & money on your reception. It is the part of the wedding event that everyone spends the most time. However the wedding is more of the important part, if you think about what people remember the most, it is the reception. So again be creative, think outside the box, incorporate something unique you both share.... And to take that and put Your own personal 'signatures' on it!

Love, Blessings & Happy Weddings