In my opinion servers put up with so much crap, and serving can be rough.  They put up with rude people, food, and sometimes getting stiffed on a hard earned tip.  Well this waitress was stiffed in the name of God...whaat?


I've never been a server, but I can honestly say I have the utmost respect for them. I have friends who are servers, and after hearing their horror stories, plus knowing how much they get paid, and how often they get stiffed on tips I always try to tip 20%.

Chelsea Welch is a waitress at Applebees (not the one here) and she was stiffed on a tip in the name of God.  The image of the receipt she posted on reddit went viral.  The bill was $34.93 and apparently the pastor was with a big group of people so they automatically added a 18% gratuity to the bill.  The pastor did not want to tip at all, and tried to get out of it by marking the tip out and writing "I give God 10% why should you get 18?"  and then signed "Pastor" in front of her name.  According to Chelsea however their tip policy for parties of 8 or more is on the menu and that the 18% tip was already added to her bill and she couldn't get out of the tip.

The Pastor has since been identified since the image went viral on the internet as Pastor Alois Bell.  She since has called and complained to the resturant and complained saying the incident was a  “lapse in character and judgment” and said it highly embarrassed her.

Chelsea has since lost her job for posting the photo on the internet.  What do you think? Should she have been fired?

Personally if the image she posted on the internet is the same image as the one above, then I wouldn't think she really did anything wrong because she didn't actually post the Pastor's name or personal information.  However had she posted her personal info I can see where there would definitely be a conflict.