I find that it's pretty easy to get lost on YouTube. I don't mean lost as in in not being able to find your way around, but lost as in finding the video you want, then checking out one of the suggested videos at the end or listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Before you know it, a quick search for the new Avengers trailer ends 3 hours later with a video featuring a transvestite, peanut butter, and a tightrope. However, there are times when a simple click of the mouse uncovers a shiny, viral gem.

After watching a video from last week's Jeopardy! College Championship on BuzzFeed, a wall of links to other videos popped up in the window, one of which immediately caught my eye. The picture featured a guy sitting on the floor wearing shorts and a t-shirt and holding some type of remote control. Seems pretty normal, but something was different with this guy. He had the crazy eyes. Hovering my cursor over his picture revealed the title, "Sneak Peak Greatest Toy in the Universe". Well now I had to look! And thankfully I did.

The star of the video is guy who has apparently designed this totally awesome time-waster. He looks like he hasn't slept in days and kept himself awake with a steady diet of 5-hour Energy and No-Doz pills. The only disappointment is the toy itself. Whoever decided to call it the "greatest toy in the universe", apparently doesn't get out much. Take a look for yourself.