This young man has some crazy skills!

As color commentator for Evansville high school football on our sister-station, Newstalk 1280AM, I've witnessed some pretty impressive plays by some of the extremely talented players we have in the area over the last three seasons. Most recently, a falling one-handed touchdown grab in the front corner of the end zone by Central's Trevor Ferguson against Reitz two weeks ago.

I've also seen a few punts and kickoffs returned for touchdowns. While they certainly are the result of a players skill, they also happen thanks to great blocks by the rest of the team. Then you have Davion Taylor from Maury High School in Hampton, Virginia who did get a little help from his team, but did a bulk of the work on his own as he ran 99-yards for a score during a recent game against Woodside High.

Watch as Taylor, jukes, spins, ducks, and weaves his way through the defense on his way to the end zone. At one point, he some how manages to avoid three defenders who converge on him simultaneously from three different angles. Somewhere out there, a college scout is drooling heavily.