This time of year is when you start seeing all the year end wrap up kind of things.  You've got your 2012 lists of what was hot, who did what, and what funny videos came out.  Usually when you see a video that's about a wrap up of the year it's light hearted and fun.  But this is a different kind of wrap up.  Rather than just taking clips of things that made us laugh, this is a video of things that brought us together.


This video shows both the good and the bad.  From Hurricane Sandy, to Christian Bale visiting the victims of the Colorado shooting, to the most recent tragedy in our minds, Sandy Hook.  From the  Red Bull Space Jump, to Michael Phelps and everything in between. To the YouTube videos of soldiers coming home, and some of your favorite wedding proposals. This video captured the moments that made us laugh, the moments that made us cry, and the moments that were nothing short of incredible.

By far this is my favorite year end wrap up.  Enjoy.