If you don't understand the whole concept of a "bro-mance," hopefully this video by comedians/musicians Ryan Higa and Chester See will help.

I think my wife falls into that category. She's always giving me a hard time about how I'll try something a buddy has suggested even though she's offered the same thing numerous times before. For example, until recently I drank my coffee black. No cream, no sugar, just straight from the pot black coffee. She on the other hand adds so much cream and sugar, she might as well drink chocolate milk.

On several occasions, she's suggested I try a flavored creamer and I have passed on all of those occasions. Then about a week or so ago, I walked into my good friend's office here at the station and was met by the sweet aroma of warm chocolate (and no, that's not a pun for any type of body function). Being the chocolate lover that I am, I completely forgot what I walked in there for and instantly asked where the smell was coming from. When he told me it was a Cafe Mocha creamer he added to his coffee, I HAD to try it. Long story short, I bought some for home and to keep in the fridge here at the station, which prompted my wife to respond, "Oh I see, when he suggests it you're all about it, but when I suggest it, you have no interest." She was joking...mostly...I think.

If I may attempt to defend myself, it wasn't that he suggested it, he never said anything about it. It was the smell that caught my attention. That glorious chocolate smell. I had never noticed that smell when my wife drinks coffee at home.

Honestly, there's no point in trying to explain why we guys act this way. So what if two dudes enjoy each other's company, talking sports while drinking some beers? So what if they eat lunch together on almost a daily basis? So what if they enjoy giving each other full body massages in men's room? That doesn't make them gay...well, maybe that last one. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The point being, we can't explain bro-mance any better than women can explain why they have to go to the bathroom together (we think it's to make out) or why one week they hate each other, then are best friends the following week.

I guess this is one of those gender mysteries that my never be explained. Enjoy the video!