If you can't say, "I used to do that," to at least half of the examples in this video, you're too young to understand.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, my kids don't realize how good they have it. On our 10-hour trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama a few weeks ago they had portable DVD players with about 10 movies to watch, Nintendo DS's, and my iPad to keep them occupied.

Old man reference in 3...2...1...

In my day, we had to rely on our imaginations to keep us content, or we'd play the alphabet game, or see how many different state licence plates we could spot. Anything to help the mind-numbingly slow hours pass. I remember one trip in particular to Orlando and then Miami to visit my stepdad's mom my freshman year of high school. I was 14, my brother 11, and my sister was six at the time. We were all three crammed in the back seat of my stepdad's four-door Saturn sedan, stuck listening to Simon & Garfunkel or some light jazz music that he and my mom enjoyed at the time. While I grew up in the video game age and still enjoy playing them to this day, I didn't have any type of handheld system to take with me, all I had was the hum of the tires on the highway and the lyrics to "Mrs. Robinson" burned into my mind. Jesus may have loved her more than she would know, but I was not a fan.

Obviously I wasn't alone. Anyone my age or older suffered the same fate on any road trip they took, including Ian Bennett, creator of "Follow the Foot", "an adventure travel video mini-series" according to its official website. But Bennett doesn't stop at just road trip games, other time-passing games, or perhaps a more appropriate description would be "physical tests", includes trying to walk on the curb without falling off (which I will still do in a parking lot substituting the curb with the triangular concrete strips in each spot) and not stepping on a crack when walking down the sidewalk, because no one wants the guilt of breaking their mother's back on their conscience.

How many of these did (do) you play to pass the time?