I don't care how old you are, you know you think this is totally sweet!

Think about how many times you spent hours raking every last leaf in the yard only to make a pile that is maybe three feet in diameter and two feet deep. Only to have all the leaves scatter as soon as the first person dives in inevitably bouncing your backside off the cold ground below because the pile wasn't deep enough to cushion the impact. Now take all those hours and multiply it by 100.

A group of friends that go by the YouTube username, Bangakang, traveled all over their hometown of Logan, Utah collecting every leaf they could find, and storing them into bags they stashed all around town. They collected so many leaves it took a 26-foot long, 9-foot tall moving truck to load up all 1,462 bags. Yeah, that's right, 1,462.

The result was a leaf pile that stood 17 feet tall and 60 feet across. A leaf pile so astounding, the only way onto the top of it was jumping off the roof. Check this out.