Ever been in a big conference room full of people that you don’t know (and probably don’t care to know) when suddenly the host announces that everyone in the room will be participating in an icebreaker? Gah! Just get on with it, already!

There are only two icebreaker games that I think are even somewhat fun (no, the nut and bolt one isn’t on my list). My first favorite is the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten icebreaker. You get answers like: porcupine testicles, chicken lips and even endangered species. Evansville people are the best to play this game with because everyone has eaten something strange at the Fall Festival.

The other is Two Truths and a Lie. Each person tells the group two truths and then a lie. The audience has to guess the lie. Here at KISS, we have our own version. Each DJ has been asked to post a quiz and let the audience (you) guess what they are lying about. So, without further adieu… I dare you to spot the lie!