Yeah, you read that right. A two-headed baby boy was born to a Brazilan woman. You have to see it to believe it.

According to Yahoo! News, both the mother, Maria de Nazare, and baby are in good health after doctors performed a caesarean to remove the child from his (their?) mother's womb.

The Yahoo! article goes on to say that de Nazare arrived at the hospital expecting to deliver twins and only found out about her baby's unique makeup minutes before the procedure to remove the boy took place. Doctors told de Nazare that a C-Section was the best option for protecting both the baby's life and her own.

The brothers, named Emanoel and Jesus, share a heart, lungs, liver and pelvis, weighed in at 9.9 pounds and have separate spines.

Conjoined twins sharing a body but separate heads are extremely rare but not uncommon and usually result in one head being removed due to an underdeveloped brain. That will not be the case here as doctors have said both brains appear to be functioning normally.

Neila Dahas, the director of the Santa Casa hospital where the child was born said, "We are not considering the possibility of surgery. What we've got to think about at this moment is to maintain the children in good condition and see how they will develop."

[Source: Yahoo! News]