So I was on Instagram yesterday (probably my biggest social media addiction!) and I found out that Tuesday is #TransformationTuesday.  I learned this from my 19 year old brother.  I decided to make a "transformation" basically you take an old photo of yourself, and put it next to a current picture of you.  It was all fun and games until I decided to upload my own #TransformationTuesday things just got real.

Some quick background info.  Back when I was in junior high and my early high school years I was very, very heavy.  Summer between my Sophomore year and my Junior year I really buckled down (or is it knuckled down? haha I'm not good with these old people phrases).  And I decided to lose the weight.  I ended up losing over 60lbs just by dieting and exercising.  I completely cut out sodas, and instead of getting that double cheeseburger with large fries I just got the cheeseburger.  Portion control was my best friend.

Well you know college rolled around and about 5 years later I've gained back a little about 25lbs of what I lost, I'm still not where I want to be but with diet and exercising I'm slowly getting there (found out today I'm down 7lbs what whaaaat!)  So I totally didn't mean for this to be a weightloss blog, I just thought my #TransformationTuesday was interesting and that I would share it with you :)

Feel free to send me your transformation Tuesday pictures! (even though it's Wednesday, I think Tuesday is more of a "guideline") You can send them to me on the Facebook page


Seriously who told me that was a good haircut? I was about 17 in this picture and 16 in the one below..yikes!