The New Year is almost here and for many people its a time to refresh and make some changes. Most of us have some sort of New Year's Resolution that we PLAN on keeping to try to make our lives just a little bit better. My Resolution for the New Year is to be nicer to myself.

I have a bad habit of not saving enough money in order to do nicer things for myself instead of always going overboard on others. What can I say, I like to make people smile. But a lot of times it leaves me with little time or money to do anything nice for myself, which is one of the things I'm always telling OTHER people to do...go figure.

Here is a list of the top resolutions for 2012 according to a survey from of the top 100 New Year's Resolutions of 2012. See if any of YOURS are listed, and if not, add them in the comment box! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Hold the door open for others
  2. Get Married
  3. Learn to say Hello in 5 languages
  4. Be fearless
  5. Solve the Rubiks cube
  6. Be a leader
  7. Start Acting my age
  8. Use double sided tape
  9. Travel
  10. Trust my Instincts
  11. Write a story
  12. Be on time
  13. Broaden my horizons
  14. Go camping
  15. Sing in the shower
  16. Try a new Cafe
  17. Realize none of us are strangers
  18. Knit a scarf
  19. pread Kindness
  20. Jump Rope
  21. Bake cookies from scratch
  22. Go to Yoga
  23. Not to dwell in the pass
  24. Learn to cope
  25. Drink more tea
  26. See the good in people
  27. Throw a penny in a fountain
  28. Make a short film
  29. Watch a movie in 3D
  30. Imagine
  31. Drink more water
  32. Make something new every day
  33. Spend more time with the kids
  34. Grow Basil
  35. Touch my toes
  36. Take more pictures
  37. Play the Kazoo
  38. Be happy
  39. Forgive him
  40. Fly to the moon
  41. Follow Through
  42. Look for the silver lining
  43. Start a pencil collection
  44. Make a paper collage
  45. Speak Up
  46. Ride my Bike
  47. Be Curious
  48. Smell the roses
  49. Make More money
  50. Inspire
  51. Productive
  52. Accept
  53. Be positive
  54. Play
  55. Be Honest
  56. Go cloud watching and find a animal or two
  57. Stay in Touch
  58. Write a letter
  59. Throw a dinner party
  60. Write a love letter
  61. Appreciate the simple things
  62. Reduce
  63. Throw a party
  64. Make my bed
  65. Backup my computer files regularly
  66. Be patients
  67. Think before I speak
  68. Call Mom and dad more often
  69. Learn to tie a tie
  70. Take a nap
  71. Meditate
  72. Realize that none of us are strangers
  73. Donate my time
  74. Avoid Drama
  75. Re-read a book from High school
  76. Cook beef Bourguignon
  77. Sing in the shower
  78. Give more compliments
  79. Perform random acts of kindness
  80. Create! Create! Create!
  81. Move around
  82. Be spontaneous
  83. Stand Tall
  84. Dance
  85. Follow my own advice
  86. Make someone’s day
  87. Travel to Tahiti
  88. Read a Dr. Seuss Book
  89. Give up a bad habit
  90. Run a marathon
  91. Talk more, tweet less
  92. Go back to school
  93. Be me
  94. Strike a conversation with a strangers
  95. Snap my fingers
  96. Wake up earlier
  97. Be present in each moment
  98. Take the stairs not the escalator
  99. Draw every day
  100. Watch a documentary


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