Believe it or not, there are things in Evansville that I haven't eaten!

I've lived in Evansville for over six years.  Now, to be fair, most of the people reading this have probably lived in Evansville and/or the Tri-State area for much longer than that, but I fully consider myself a part of the community now.  I've realized though that there are a lot of things in/around town that I've never experienced.  Here are a list of five, in no particular order.


#1 - I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO MESKER PARK ZOO.  This is actually what inspired this list.  Yesterday we had somebody on the show from the zoo to promote their Zoo Brew event and that's when it hit me... I've never been to the zoo!  I've been to the Philadelphia Zoo numerous times, but I'm probably the only person in the city that hasn't been to Mesker Park Zoo.  Once, I've been to the Mesker Amphitheater for a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing, but literally left in minutes.


#2 - I HAVE NEVER EATEN AT G.D. RITZY'S.  I've driven by it a million times, my friends have suggested it a million times, but I've never eaten there.  I think part of the problem is its name...  It's too ambiguous and it sounds like a curse word.  I'm sure their food is wonderful and I'll have it some day.


#3: I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO SWONDER ICE ARENA. I have never taken well to the ice, or awkward first dates, so I've always steered clear of Swonder.  I'm sure I'll go someday, but for now, I have never even seen it from the inside...  I know, I'm weird.


#4: I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE GARDEN OF THE GODS.  My family is coming to visit me in less than two weeks.  I was asking around for ideas of things that I can do with them, and many people suggested taking them to the Garden of the Gods.  I didn't know if it something they'd enjoy or not because...  I've never been there!


#5: I'VE NEVER EATEN A BRAIN SANDWICH. Listen, it took a few years, but I've come to love the Fall Festival just like everybody else.  You've gotten me to plunk down my hard-earned money on things that I never thought I would eat, like deep fried Coke and chocolate-covered bacon...  But don't plan on seeing me chow down on a BRAIN SANDWICH anytime soon!