As a Generation Xer, I grew up watching some of the best (and cheesiest) movies ever produced. Pretty much every kid, at one time or another, has wanted to be a character they saw in a movie. Here's my Top 5 list of characters that I wanted to be. They are all incredibly cool. - by Steve Henning

5. Hoops McCann (John Cusack in One Crazy Summer)

I wanted to be be Hoops for his drawing ability alone. Add the fact that he had crazy friends that would and did do anything for him and he got to date a girl (that looked a lot like Demi Moore) and this guy was my fantasy "me." I related to his awkwardness but his life was so much more eventful than mine (as a movie should be).

4. Atreyu (Noah Hathaway in The NeverEnding Story)

Who doesn't want their very own pink Luck Dragon? Who doesn't want to brave the Southern Oracle? Who doesn't want to be thought of as a great warrior and save the imagination of all children, young and old? Hopes and dreams are the most important thing for children to hold on to, and to be the guy that encourages kids to dream big and always believe is a pretty special mission. I try to instill that in the kids in my life today, but having the Luck Dragon really helps. BONUS: I've heard that a remake is in the works!

3. Bruce Leroy Green (Taimak in The Last Dragon)

A martial artist bordering on super human abilities with “the glow,” taking out the bad guys in pure storybook fashion, saving/getting the girl, and earning the respect of his little brother, all while battling with himself - this kid faced it all and succeeded! Yeah, can I be that guy? “He catches bullets with his teeth!”

2. Ivan Kraschinsky “the Russian” (Jean-Claude Van Damme in No Retreat No Surrender)

I am a longtime JCVD fan and this was the movie that hooked me right out of the gate. A character that speaks only nine words (I wasn’t a big talker as a young adult). He is only on the screen about 12 minutes total in this movie, but it is a powerful impact that he made. He is a bad guy in this, but all he does is kick butt! Not only did I want to be this character but It made me fall in man love with JCVD himself. His fight scene in this movie is the first time I can remember literally being on the edge of my seat.

1. John Bender (Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club)

Cool guy, unexpected leader, bad ass with a hidden soft side. What guy doesn't want to be John Bender!? Bender was the cool, misunderstood rebel that while seemingly made no apologies for who he is, sought acceptance from his peers. As a kid, I remember wanting to grow up "cool" I was enamored with this guy who didn’t have boundaries. I wanted to be him from the first time I saw this movie. Hell, as an adult I still want to be him!