Yesterday, The Rob shared a video of the Ohio University Marching Band covering "Party Rock Anthem" from LMFAO. It reminded me of my high school days at Mater Dei when our marching and pep bands would do the same thing. I wasn't a member of either band, but being a fan of music in general, I always enjoy hearing a unique take on an established song.

This led me to YouTube and a search of other marching bands that have dabbled in the art of cover songs. Here's the best of what I found.

5. Pioneer High School gets criminal

As you can imagine, my search of "Marching Band Covers" resulted in thousands upon thousands of videos. One band that kept popping up time and time again was the Pioneer High School Marching Band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Back in 2009, they performed a medley of songs from the King of Pop that went a little something like this:

4. Notre Dame Shakes it

The Notre Dame Marching Irish (if that's even their name...if it's not it should be) got into the cover song act during a home game against in-state rival Purdue back in September of 2008 with their version of Metro Station's "Shake It".

3. UConn Goes Gaga

During a post-game performance in September of 2010, the University of Connecticut marching band (the Marching Huskies?) broke out their rendition of "Poker Face" by Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga for the remaining fans in attendance. Which by the looks of it, wasn't many. Fortunately for us, someone captured video of the performance for the whole world to enjoy.

3a. University of Washington's Bad Romance

Instead of deciding between the two Lady Gaga covers, I thought I'd just include them both. Here's the University of Washington's Marching Band with their version of "Bad Romance"

2. Michigan Celebrates Michigan

This took place a few weeks ago during a halftime performance at a University of Michigan home game. Essentially, it's a medley of songs from artists born in Michigan, or in the case of the finale, a song about Michigan.

1. George Mason Goes Into a Rage

The George Mason Green Machine had a viral hit earlier this year when video of them rehearsing "Bulls on Parade" from Rage Against the Machine found its way online. As of this writing, the video has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times. The video I've chosen to present to you as my #1 is the Green Machine actually performing the song at a George Mason basketball game. It's actually mash-up of two Rage songs, the aforementioned "Bulls" and a song called "Killing in the Name".