You know how much I love lists.  Here's a great list compiled by counting down the 100 greatest Eminem songs.  Check out the full list HERE, including write-ups and stats on each record, as well as a player playing each song.  Since I don't feel like copying ALL 100 songs, here is their top 10, but I do encourage you to check the full list out for yourself:

#10 - White America

#9 - Kim

#8 - The Real Slim Shady

#7 - Renegade (Jay-Z)

#6 - Kill You

#5 - Till I Collapse

#4 - Just Don't Give a F---

#3 - The Way I am

#2 - Stan

#1 - Lose Yourself

I'm actually very satisfied with this list, and I'm pretty picky.  I agree with the #1 song, too.  "Lose Yourself" is Eminem's greatest song.  Do you agree?  What is your all-time favorite Eminem song?  Comment below:

 - The Rob