This is why 5-point harnesses and child safety locks were invented.

A Chinese father was driving through a busy intersection when his daughter decided to climb from the backseat into the passenger seat and open the door. What happened next will get your heart pounding.

Fortunately the quick reflexes of her dad and the cab driver behind them prevented any serious injury from happening outside of a few bumps and scrapes.

I had something similar happen a couple of years ago. The air conditioning had gone out in my old 1997 Dodge Ram so my son and I took it over to my uncle's house so he could take a look at it. His detached garage sits up on a hill and the driveway leading up to it doesn't level out until you're literally in the garage. So there we are, hood open, the truck sitting on about a 45-degree angle when my son decides to get in the cab. Keep in mind, this was '97 that I had been driving for about eight years at the time that not only had AC issues, but transmission issues as well.

A few minutes after he hopped in the cab, my uncle and I heard a "pop" sound and the truck started rolling backwards. Without really thinking, my uncle grabbed whatever he could I guess in an attempt to hold the truck in place. It took about an eighth of a second to realize that unless you're competing for World's Strongest Man, an average person will lose a fight between a half-ton truck and gravity every time.

To this day, I still don't know how I pulled this off, but I somehow managed to hop in the passenger door, stretch my foot across the floor board and mash the break. The tires screeched as we went across the road and came to a stop just after taking out a neighbor's mailbox. Had I not been able to stop, my son, my truck, and I would have wound up in the living room of their house.

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