I LOVE throwback Thursday it gives me a chance to look back on how awkward I was (and arguably still am).  Today's Throwback Thursday is from the time I decided to become a cake decorator, and well let's just say I should probably quit radio and start a new career right now (just kidding).My boyfriend is a huge fan of WWE, and he's gotten me into it.  So last year for his birthday I did some Pinteresting and decided I was going to surprise him with a homemade birthday cake, but not just any homemade birthday cake, a homemade WWE birthday cake that I found on Pinterest that promised to be OH SO EASY.

Pinterest is full of lies, dirty, dirty lies.

The cake looked easy enough, a little icing here, a little licorice there, and BOOM we have a wrestling ring.  So i went to Walmart to pick out a couple wrestling figures for the cake (hey, I'm trying to be cute on a budget here).  But the only characters they had in a size that would fit the cake was CM Punk and The Miz, so I figured I'd take it even though his favorite is Dean Ambrose.

I baked the cake, that part was easy, but then I tried to ice it...that's when the whole thing went down hill, and it snowballed from there.  In my defense I had TWO people helping me make it and it still turned out to be a cake catastrophe.

Lucky for me Sam found it hilarious, and was a really good sport about the whole thing, and I think he was just happy I put effort into it, but next year I'm buying a cake.

If you want to see how the cake was SUPPOSED to look click here. The "Cakespiration" if you will.

This is how the cake ended up looking.  I'm both sad and embarrassed, but here it is, in the name of blogging!

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