As I mentioned earlier this week in story about the potential for hoverboards to become reality, I've never really possessed the proper balance to ride a skateboard. And although I've never tried surfing, I assume I would be terrible at that as well seeing that to me, a surfboard is nothing more than a skateboard without wheels. I also enjoy being alive so it's safe to say you'll never see me trying to do what these group of surfers recently attempted in Western Australia.

The video below is from the blog at and shows guys with way bigger "melons" than me (or way fewer brain cells depending on you look at it) tackling what they call "slabs". The difference between these waves and the more traditional one's you see surfers ride on TV and movies is that they are completely unpredictable due to the way they travel across the uneven reefs below the waters surface. While they are generally shorter in height than a traditional wave, they pack more punch because the water is coming in from a variety of different directions as opposed to just over the top of the riders head.

Watch the video to see how professional surfer Mark Mathews and his co-horts fared against the slab wave they call, "The Right".