I was on facebook and about 5 people in a row posted this video, so I was like I've gotta check this out, and I'm really glad I did.  This video was uploaded on April 7th, and in the matter of a couple days has over 2 million views. It's one of the sweetest, and most inspiring things I've ever seen.

This is Henry, he is in a nursing home, and he doesn't talk.   In the beginning one of the nursing home workers talks about how Henry wouldn't really respond to a lot of things.  So the nursing home staff got an iPod and loaded it with music from his era, when he listens to the music his mood completely switches.  You can see his face light up when he hears the music.   Right after listening to the music Henry is asked about what music does to him his response is so sweet, "It gives me the feeling of love, romance, I figure right now the world needs to come into music singing you've got beautiful music here, beautiful.   Lovely.  I feel a band of love, of dreams."   This is one of the best viral videos I've seen in a really long time, it really shows the true power of music.

I'm a huge lover of music, I've studied it in school, I've read countless books on all kinds of music, and I've listened to music at just about every end of the spectrum, so to see this just really warms my heart.  Seeing things like this reminds me of why I really think music should be supported in schools.  I've always been a big supporter of VH1's save the music foundation.  And I think after this video, you can't deny that music definitely a powerful thing.


You can check out the video below.