And just when you were feeling bad about being single on Valentines Day..At least you aren't this guy.


TLC stands for "The Learning Channel," but I'm beginning to think they should change their name to "TWLTEWPC" (The  We like to exploit weird people channel) sure it isn't as catchy as "TLC" but it's definitely more accurate.  Besides Honey Boo Boo, and bridezillas looking for overpriced dresses, they have a show all about people and their strange addictions.

My Strange Addiction is on it's 4th season, and so far they've had just about everything from a woman eating Comet (yes the cleaning product that's sitting under the sink in your mom's kitchen) to the guy that is addicted to eating glass.  This isn't a warning folks, this is the real deal.  You can google if you don't believe me.

The fourth season of My Strange Addiction kicked off last night, and on one of the episodes had a very interesting man by the name of Mark.  Mark is 20 years old and is in a relationship with 15 inflatable animals.  He does make a point to let everyone know that he JUST kisses them.  He doesn't get all freaky deaky.  I'm thankful to hear that.

You can enjoy this video of mark and his inflatables here: For a second the video jumps to a woman who gets butt injections, but then it goes right back to Mark.