Have you ever looked at one of those huge radio antenna's and seen the little light at the top?  Well it never even dawned on me that at some point I'm sure that light bulb would go out and they'd have to change it.   I would think maybe they'd have some crazy helicopter thing fly up and you'd repel down or something, but clearly I was thinking way too outside of the box.   This guy gets to the top of the tower by good old fashioned climbing.  This video has some of the most incredible views of the earth from 1.768 feet up!

Now in case you're not sure how tall 1,768 feet that's taller than the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower)!

So this guy strapped a camera onto his helmet and thought he'd give us a view that very few ever get to see.   Now heads up, if you have a fear of heights this may be slightly hard to watch.  I've never had a fear of heights but some of the views are a little dizzying. Who'd have ever thought, all of this for a light bulb.  Add this to the list of jobs I don't think I'm interested in.