This video is the end-all be-all instruction manual for how a cat should take care of their human. If you're a human who is owned by a cat, you may want to see it too!

It is no secret that I am, in fact, a cat lover. It is also no secret that cat's are not owned by their humans, but rather the cat owns the human. In the 10 years of being a cat-mom, I have learned a great deal about the nature of my cats, Sophe and Boo. They are actually very different personalities. Boo is very aloof and sort of a lone cougar, if you will. But Sophe, she is my caregiver. She always knows if I am a little blue, and is always ready with extra snuggles. She definitely knows how to take care of her human!

Now take a look at the funny video that our friends at Buzzfeed have put together that is "A Cat's Guide to Taking Care of Your Human." Your kitty may learn a thing or two.