Just this past week, I had a "moment" with my boss about one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate it when people only comment on your work when it's a criticism. Luckily, I have the kind of relationship with my boss where she listens to my griping, sympathizes with me for a moment and then snaps me back into reality.

On The Rob's Radio Show this morning, we were talking about the tri-state's biggest pet peeves. Driving-related annoyances seem to top the list (Reddit cites "left lane drivers" as the nation's biggest pet peeve) but there are a whole range of things we find to be aggravating.


  • People who stand too close.
  • Left lane drivers.
  • People who don't use turn signals.
  • Tailgaters.
  • Babies who are barefoot and naked in public - especially if they can walk!
  • When you extend your hand to someone and they force a hug on you instead.
  • Getting run-over or bumped into with a shopping cart while standing in line at the checkout.
  • Yelling/screaming/running children in a restaurant.


A lot of listeners, usually new or expecting mothers, frequently give me grief about my pet peeve.  However, I feel this way very strongly.  It should a RULE that YOU SHOULD BE IN YOUR DEFAULT PICTURE on social media!!!  Yes, this includes ultrasounds!  I want to elaborate.  I COMPLETELY understand that the baby growing inside of you is your whole world, and I think that’s great!  I don’t even really have a problem with somebody putting their ultrasound pictures on their page.  Certainly your friends and family may have some interest in seeing that, but let it be the viewer’s choice.  Making your default picture an ultrasound is forcing it down my throat!  I understand that when the baby comes out, it becomes your entire life, I TOTALLY get that!  Put up a nice picture of you and your baby.  Just the baby makes it seem like this poor baby is saying these things, or is getting into online drama with Mom’s former friends and boyfriends.  Come on now.  The baby is innocent and may not want to be associated the trashy online fight Mom might be having.  I don’t like when promotional fliers are default pictures, I feel like I’m being barraged with ads.  Oh, you like the new Eminem album?  Cool, me too!  Write a post about it, DON’T make it your default.  Group shots are OK, too…  Just BE IN YOUR DEFAULT PICTURE!!!



When people ask if getting a tattoo hurts.



  • Krystalyn Marie My biggest peeve...People who lick their fingers when turning pages,counting money etc. Gross!
  • Steven Chambers People running stop light/signs. I see this daily, people acting like they are important. It's no wonder there are so many vehicle accidents in this town. Cracks me up that they blame the scooters.
  • Yesenia Cuevas To go along with that! Please let me on the highway!!!! At least once a week I try and merge onto the Lloyd from Beoke and have to get right back off because someone wouldn't move over to the middle lane so I could merge!
  • Bob Peppiatt Nearly every day, on I 164 especially, I have to fight the urge to get in front of the yahoos blocking the passing lane, and then to slow down until they have to get into the proper lane. I remind myself that I am not the police, but the urge is there anyway. Sometimes. I just pull off on the right shoulder and sit there for a little while until that feeling passes. Prayer helps. Bob, Esq.